What We Do


YAP's monthly networking events are popular among members who are seeking new business opportunities and partnerships. Others find it a helpful way to seek mentors and form new connections in their professional and academic communities. The networking dress code is business casual. Please come prepared with business cards. Event locations vary, and will be shared with members at least a few days in advance of the event. 

Film Screenings

We meet for screenings of films by African filmmakers and producers, then host discussions of the films. Screenings are typically 2 - 3 hours, plus 1.5 - 2 hours for discussion. Snacks and beverages are provided. While film screenings are considered a family event, please check in advance to ensure that the featured film is appropriate for children. Approximately 30 spaces are typically available. 


Whether you're interested in building a company from the ground up, exploring seed-funding options, or simply educating yourself on entrepreneurship as a practice, YAP offers a range of resources to support your success. This meetup is designed for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our themed discussion series includes speakers who are leaders in the business community, and our business workshops give members a hands-on opportunity to turn visions of a viable business product or service into realities. 

Volunteer Work

We partner with local non-profit organizations in helping them to serve the neediest residents of the Greater Seattle area. Types of volunteer service includes assisting at food banks and a homeless shelter, and our work in this area continues to expand. YAP members who are interested in volunteerism typically join a group, led by a coordinator, who then organizes trips. Volunteer events are scheduled based on the availability of participating volunteers. 

Themed Discussions

We take a critical approach to discussing topics that are of concern and interest to our members. Then beyond talking, we make an effort to follow-up on our insights in constructive, practical ways: organizing social and educational events for ourselves and our community. Discussions include such topics as: professional alliance-building between Africa and the United States; the African political and social identity in 21st century America; and more. 

Promote Health 

Enroll in our trap vinyasa yoga class or join any one of our free tennis, swimming, basketball, or cardiovascular strengthening groups. For members who prefer more freeform styles of exercise, we keep a "running" list of prospective exercise partners who may contact for walks around Greenlake, the Ballard Locks, the Bellevue Botanical Gardens, etc. 

Community Building

Learn how to prepare a full course African meal, then enjoy the meal with fellow YAP members. Or, teach fellow YAP members how to prepare a tasty African meal. Find a career mentor or secure mentorship. Receive editorial support on admissions applications and job applications. Give your child an edge in the classroom through our free tutoring resources. In short, take advantage of the numerous resources we offer to help you feel supported as you flourish in your personal and professional life. 

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